Device Sales and Marketing Manager – Levant Region

Company: Huawei
Reporting directly to Levant CEO
Base: Amman – Jordan
Date: Sep 2013 – Jan 2016

Responsibilities & Achievements:

    • Shifted Jordan Market sales from Organized Retail centric to Independent Retail centric creating a healthier tunnel of sales according to the market strategy.
    • Doubled the total sales in Jordan Market in Q4 2013 from the total achieved throughout the prior period.
    • Increased product Market Share from <1% to above 10% by 2015.
    • To establish and maintain the sales channel of handsets and achieve the revenue goal of handsets and terminal business in the region.
    • Established the Marketing department, for Levant region.
    • Facilitated the collaboration with all the carriers in the country.
    • Established Lebanon business from distributor choice to kick off of the first sale and marketing follow up.
    • Established Palestine business, and supply channel.
    • Placed the basic pricing schema for devices according to country.
    • Coordinate with Huawei partners and other opportunity partners across the region, and agree on targets and commitments from both sides to increase the brand’s ability, sales, and market share.
    • Develop the GTM plan for products, and help in focusing on implementing the whole plan with a focus on hero products and creating hero products.
    • Responsible for business planning and execution, including organization structure design, partner selection, and cooperation policy design, product launch plan, MKT plan, etc…
    • Responsible for the relationship building and maintenance with main distributors, retailers, and operators in Levant Region.
    • Responsible for Increasing sell-through, sell in, and sell out in the Levant region, as well as open market customers.
    • To do market information analysis, marketing planning and budget allocation, coverage planning, and analysis as well as reporting.