Marketing is an ART and it is evolving every day, what used to be the norm in marketing last year is no longer there today, I work on new marketing techniques, innovative ideas, and trendsetting, applying the standards to come up with the best strategies there can be.

During my 14 years of professional experience, I worked in marketing and communication management, product management, quality assurance, strategy formulation, in addition to the establishment and management of retail device sales departments. I managed the successful launch of over 30 products in different countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

If there is something that I have learned during my years of experience it is that the pace of change in markets and customers’ preferences is faster than ever, and becoming a quick adapter to change is becoming the most important competitive advantage for any successful company. I also have a strong conviction that a company’s culture is one of its most important assets. Attracting, developing, and training the best talents was always a priority for me and instilling a culture of innovation, creativity and accepting mistakes was something I truly believed in.